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I started this blog to find a space where I can share thoughts, insight, and words of inspiration I have experienced during my time as an educator (and student).  On a daily basis I work with some of the strongest, most reflective children and young adults in the world.  Born and raised in LA, some of these students have endured it all..gangs, abuse, and drug infested neighborhoods that could’ve had the best of them… yet they are in college and achieving such amazing things. Since I started this work, I’ve hoped to find a way to somehow share the endless amounts of blessings that touch my life each day, and now is my chance!  I couldn’t be any prouder!

Everything I post on this blog (the lessons I teach and the lessons I learn) will be “education inspired.”  Now I have a chance to share the things I am motivated by each and every day.  In addition, I hope this blog opens up a door for youth, fellow educators, and like-minded people to dialogue about the things that are affecting everyday life, the socialization of youth, and our education system. 

I also encourage my followers to share articles, advice, words of wisdom, and quotable stories so we can pass along the inspiration…and to promote hope that anyone can succeed in this educational pipeline.  This blog is dedicated to my students who make working in education so worthwhile. I hope they find inspiration in this blog as I have found inspiration in them. 

And Special Thanks to a special student and friend of mine, Michelle S, for being the true light behind this blog. 

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